Omlouváme se, ale veškeré kapacity těžby (ETH i ETC) byly vyprodány. O novém dostupném výkonu budeme informovat zde na našich stránkách.

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Basic information
about mining and about companyInvictus Mining

It's basically renting a mining machine including hosting (electricity, service, etc.) for a single price converted to the price per MH/s per month. In this case, the machine only provides cryptocurrency mining and everything is controlled a formula based on publicly available data - thanks to this, everything is transparent and thus prevents possible disputes.
Since the beginning, our company has focused on the professional and legal provision of services for cryptocurrency miners. We certainly can't promise you a hundred percent return of your investment, like some competitors, but unlike many of them, we are still on the market and growing.
Key people are visible to all of us, we have our registered office in the Czech Republic and we follow the valid legislation.
Mining is performed on our servers, where you rent the power. You can see detailed information about your mining information on your portal, but the extracted cryptocurrency is located on our wallet. Based on your request for payment, we will send the your cryptocurrency to your wallet. You can request your coins at regular intervals or at the end of your mining contract.
Due to high network fees, we are forced to introduce a minimum withdrawal limit of 0.1 ETH or 5 ETC.
We create cryptocurrency podcasts Kryptopokec (available on Adroid, Spotify, Apple podcast, etc. ).
We sponsor various conferences and meetups on cryptocurrencies and the future of mining, eg: Future Port Prague, Bitcoin Zlín and others.
We are preparing a new educational project - both web and in the form of lectures (soon).
The data center is operated by the sister company Invictus Solutions, s.r.o.
Upgrading by 1100 servers with compliance with all telecommunications standards.
Our servers are located in the power plant building, so we get some of the best electricity prices on the market. Thanks to this, we can offer really favorable mining conditions.

Yes, you will find the formula in the contract and it is introduced to prevent debates in situations where, for example, our servers would be down or the so-called luck factor was low (ie you would get less than according to the formula).

Therefore, the formula is designed to respect the results of the entire network. Thanks to this, you can verify the accuracy of the data on the extracted cryptocurrency at any time, where the result is not at all dependent on other influences.

There is no easy answer to this question, because the past does not have to prove future profits in any case, and whether mining is profitable also depends on your strategy, how you handle extracted coins, how long you hold them, at what moment you sell them, etc.

In general, we can say that whoever promises you certain profits in such a volatile and generally changing environment as cryptocurrencies, you should take it with great caution. We know that mining is a good way to get cryptocurrencies, but they alone may not be a quick way to get rich.

This can be very poorly estimated because it depends on several factors. However, after logging in, you have a more detailed calculator in the "Buy hashrate" section, which shows how much cryptocurrency was extracted at a certain performance last month, and you can make a certain picture from these numbers.
Every income must be taxed. In general, if you sell your coins to CZK (or any other FIAT), it is necessary to pay tax on the realized profit. However, the issue of cryptocurrencies is complex and we recommend you to contact your tax advisor. A lot of information can be found on the youtube channel Parallel Polis, eg

We can't. As written above, everything is the result of the chosen strategy of dealing with the extracted cryptocurrency, and many unknown factors may come into play that we will not affect.

The answer is very difficult and depends on when you ask. Cryptocurrency and mining are different products with different risk and psychological profiles. Again, it depends on your strategy. Quite often, it is good to combine crypto mining and purchasing cryptocurrency.

If your hobby will be building HW and you will take it as fun and you have an ideal direct heat rate… Then it can be good fun :-)

At this point, we are running ETH and ETC mining. We will have a number of other cryptocurrencies available in the future.

If ETH mining won't be possible, you will be switched to ETC. According to our analyzes, we do not expect an early transition of the entire ETH system to POS (Proof Of Stake). For more see report .

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The following parts are devoted to the extraction of cryptocurrencies, where everything is explained in more detail

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